For customer support, send an email to:

service call at fern lane software dot com

Please include as much detail as possible so that we can better assist you.

How do I import contacts from my address book?

Scroll to the bottom of the Customers list and tap “Import Contacts”. Tap contacts in the displayed list to place a check next to them. Contacts with checks will be imported when you tap “Done”.

How do I backup my data from Service Call?

The database for Service Call gets backed up as part of the normal iTunes or iCloud backup. Check your settings to determine which one you're using (if you're using the iCloud backup don't forget that it only does the backups while it's plugged in to charge and you're on a wifi network). If you restore an iPhone from the iTunes or iCloud backup, all of your apps and their data will be restored.

You can also export your customers and invoices to .csv files which can be opened in a spreadsheet program. The buttons to do the export are at the bottom of the Customer and Invoice list screens.

I don't want the first line of the invoice to say “Service Call”, how do I change this?

On the initial Service Call screen, tap the information button in the upper right. On the About screen, scroll down and tap “Settings”, then scroll down to the Invoice section and edit “1st Line Item”.

I have multiple email accounts on my iPhone, how do I change which one Service Call uses when emailing an invoice?

Open Apple's Settings app and tap “Mail, Contact, Calendars” then tap “Default Account” (the last entry in the Mail section). The account that you select here will be used across all applications as the default.

I have several line items that are almost the same. Do I have to retype each one?

On the Invoice screen, tap and hold on a line item to get a menu allowing you to duplicate the line item or duplicate it as a credit.

Can I create a new invoice from an old one?

On the Customer screen, tap and hold on an invoice to get a menu allowing you to duplicate an invoice.

Can I use Service Call on my iPhone and iPad and sync them with iCloud?

No. I've looked into using iCloud to sync the Service Call database between multiple devices, and many developers are struggling with getting the iCloud database features to work properly. For more information, please see Apple's broken promise: why doesn't iCloud 'just work'? on The Verge and Frustrated with iCloud, Appleā€™s developer community speaks up en masse on Ars Technica. The risk of complete data loss is too high for me to be comfortable implementing these features at this time.

When I tap “Import Contacts”, none of my contact are shown. Where are they?

Go to Apple's Settings app, then tap on Privacy, then tap on Contacts. The switch next to Service Call in the list needs to be set to On.

How do I get the “Paid Stamp” to show up on the PDF invoice?

Tap on Edit at the top of the Invoice screen, then scroll all the way to the bottom and slide the Paid switch to On, then tap the cell below Paid. This will take you to the Payment Details screen. Slide “show payment on invoice” to On, tap Save and then view the PDF of the invoice. The paid stamp will show up below the line items in red. Screenshots of this process.

How do I add a logo to the invoice?

On the initial Service Call screen, tap the information button in the upper right. On the About screen, scroll down and tap the “Invoice Logo” cell to see images from your photo library to select for the logo.

Does Service Call support currencies other than US dollars?

Yes, Service Call will use the appropriate currency based on the Region you have selected in the International section of the iPhone Settings app. Service Call has been tested with both £ and €, and should work with other currencies also.

Why can't I print my invoices?

Please see Apple’s “AirPrint 101” article for more information and a list of supported printers. Also, printing is not available on the iPhone 3G.